Update schedule / any livestreams?

So sorry that LFNW couldn’t be in person, always a highlight of my year :heart:

What kind of update schedule is expected for the video uploads, are there going to be any livestreams we should be planning to watch?

We’re sorry, too. :frowning:

We do not have any live streams planned at this time, although some presenters have suggested (and we heartily encourage them) they may organize some live Q&A time… so watch the threads, or feel free to ask individual presenters. As an organization, we didn’t feel we were up to the task of organizing 100+ live sessions this weekend. :wink:

As far as upload, we’ve left that up to the presenters to share when they’re ready. For many of our presenters, this is their first time recording a session, and we absolutely do not want to add burdens to people’s already complicated lives. We have a form for presenters to submit their videos when ready, and (so far) we’re keeping up with getting them on our YouTube playlist, and the Q&A topics open. Keep checking back, or make sure you sign up for the daily summary, so you get notified of new sessions.