LFNW22 Call for Proposals now open!

We’re officially announcing LinuxFest Northwest 22. We’re trying one last time with our 2020 theme: Be Excellent To Each Other! We still want to share with you, and you with us, a conference that encourages collaboration, teaching, and lifting each other up, in a proper collaborative online experience. Special thanks to Blindside Networks who will be professionally hosting our BigBlueButton virtual meeting space.

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Congrats to @Salt for being the 1st person to submit for the LFNW22 CfP :tada:

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JFYI - we’ve extended the CfP for 2 more weeks - until Feb 18th. Last chance to get those submissions in!

I just submitted a proposal.

Just out of idle curiosity, how many proposals did you get?

Not quite enough :wink: