LinuxFest Northwest 2023 Postponed

:construction: LinuxFest Northwest 2023 Postponed

We have received unfortunate news: Bellingham Technical College, where LinuxFest Northwest has been hosted for 20+ years, has announced facility closures for the Fall quarter due to emergency repairs. As a result LinuxFest Northwest 2023, scheduled for October 20-22, must be postponed.

We are committed to getting LFNW back to the fun, educational event we all know and love. We are working closely with Bellingham Technical College to arrange LinuxFest Northwest 2024 in Spring, or consider alternative venues. Your Fest will be back!

While we cannot host our full Fest, we still want to get together and make the best of this situation. We are planning to host a Friday Night Game Night, a single track of educational sessions on Saturday, and a Saturday Social. Please RSVP so we can arrange proper venues at the LinuxFest Northwest Meetup Page.

Sponsors & Speakers

Arrangements are in progress with Sponsors and Speakers to consider rescheduling in 2024. We appreciate your patience and support.

CustomInk Fundraiser

If you have already ordered from our CustomInk fundraising campaign at LinuxFest Northwest 2023 Custom Ink Fundraising please be assured that your order will be fulfilled. If you opted to have your shipment sent directly to the LinuxFest Northwest event, you will receive an email with instructions on how to receive your order as we will be shipping those to you to enjoy.

If you would still like to purchase a shirt or hoodie from this fundraiser, please be sure to have your order shipped directly to your address rather than to the LinuxFest Northwest event. Thank you for your support!


Thanks for the heads up.

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Aw I’m really sorry to hear about the emergency repairs closure! Hopefully we will all see each other in the spring then.

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Bump. Tomorrow, September 20th, is the last day to order a T-Shirt or Hoodie!

“Get yours today!”

Have any dates been discussed for LFNW 2024? It looks like BTC plans to keep the building that LFNW has historically used closed until at least Fall '24.