Session Schedule is up - and we have an app!

Hey nerds,

We’re so excited to be seeing some of you next weekend! If you haven’t already, please RSVP on the meetups and reserve your spot at our social events & educational program. Space is limited as we’ve had to adapt to some trying times, so it’s important to reserve your spot!

We’re so thankful to have a handful of speakers who have adapted their sessions for our 2023 MiniFest format, so we can squeeze in as much great content as we can. Check out the full schedule on our shiny new PWA app:

The new app will make it easy for you to follow the schedule, keep up with LFNW news, and connect with speakers, and includes some important links to other LFNW content. Our mobile app is using shiny new PWA technology and cannot be found in any app store. Instead, it’s published on the web and ready for installation in seconds. It can be used on any device - mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Please try it out!

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