Recycling old desktops & laptops?

Hi all,

I’ve finally gone through my garage and prepped some old machines for recycling (hopefully some of them are still re-usable)… can anyone recommend a place I can drop them off that will try to reuse them, but if not, dispose of them responsibly?


TAG is launching the Reconnect program this month: a collaboration with Bellingham Public Library, Computers for People in Need, and Whatcom Community Foundation.

We invite everyone to donate ALL of their electronics to C4PIN to be refurbished or recycled. All donations benefit those in our community in need!

For more details please see the TAG Reconnect project webpage:

tldr: Donate any electronics to C4PIN.

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1PC on Orchard Street. They are a new E-cycle place in town and try to reuse parts from the stuff that they take in. At least that is what I was told. They picked up a lot of stuff from a business that I have been working with.

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