BLUG rejuvenation interest meeting

Hey all! There’s some interest in getting BLUG (Bellingham Linux Users Group) going again. (As well as some interest in doing containerization and DevOps things, which might be the same thing or might not.)

But the best way to find out is to get everybody who’s interested together to hash out exactly what we’d like to see from a revived/renewed/new community.

To that end, let’s meet up at Stemma Brewing next Wednesday, June 12th. Socializing and such at 5ish, with planning and decision-making at 6pm.

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Hey Brian. I will try to make it.


I would be interested if it is primarily an online meeting. Getting into B’ham for more than the occasional Costco run is something of a pain. Beer helps but I already have a commitment for the 12th.

I can’t make it physically but can virtually. Being a newcomer myself, I’d still like to help where I can to bring the group together! Any possibility of a hybrid physical/virtual meeting?