Scanning for Lifesigns

Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking on this board for a little while after seeing a mention on local reddit. I’ve just started poking my head up since covid looking for people with common interests and wondered if folks here are doing the same. Any events on the horizon? Anyone interested in doing something?

A little about me: Two years ago I decided to build myself an ubuntu file server for my home network and then started containerizing applications with docker and I was sold. I had done a bit of unix system programming in college, but hadn’t really used much linux outside of the lab. Now I’m running a pair of servers with both internal and external facing apps and having a blast!

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Welcome @ATalisan . To the extent there is regular activity, it’s in the communites are. Would you like me to join you to the BLUG group so you can post in BLUG - LinuxFest Northwest ?

There’s also a RISC-V - LinuxFest Northwest community .

Sure, thank you!
I’d like it if you could add me.