[Blug-list] FYI: Collecting signatures outside downtown Food Coop against facial recognition

BLUG members tend to be smart and savvy digital

Maybe we agree facial recognition tech. can be

If so, I'm happy to report signatures are being
collected outside at least Bellingham's downtown
Community Food Coop to curb facial recognition.

If you happen to share my concern, please feel
free to spread the word about collecting

I hope that helps, or was at least interesting.


Bonus: A link to a video that seems to me to be an
       hilarious homage to the Dalai Lama of
       MacGyvers, John Logie Baird. John invented
       the world's first TV in 1925 from random
       house hold items: a hatbox, scissors,
       darning needles, bicycle parts, a used tea
       chest and sealing wax! You can find
       contemporary videos of John trying to
       explain his invention, but my favorite is
       the imitation at

            John Logie Baird's Mechanical Television
            John Logie Baird's Mechanical Television - Invidious

        I think it's an hilarious homage to a true
        tech pioneer, and hope you do too.


Time is the fire in which we all burn
Time is the fire in which we all burn.

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Is this a petition for legislation, or something else? If the former, do you have a link to the proposed bill/initiative?

  • James Mason
    LFNW conductor & web monkey
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