Despite your assertions that this application will

So far my experience dealing with this application vs the mailing list is that it is a total pain in the ass. While I accept that we need to be able to keep up with the times. This is my third attempt to ask for some guidance about how to use the application. Our mailing list while antiquated by some measures had the advantage that I could send a message to the list by simply addressing it to a simple email address. Here I am lost most of the time and find the so called benefits obscure and not really worth the time and energy I am expending.

I accept that it may be necessary to keep up with the times so that the blug can aquire new members. But replacing something that was shear simplicity with something than is clearly more complex and to those of us who choose not to waste our time on social media opaque. Please consider providing a quick and simple tutorial on how the hell to send a message to my fellow BLUGgers! Hopefully this will accomplish that.