LFNW2024 Updates

Hey everyone,
Can you believe it’s March already? As I write this, LFNW2024 is just 44 days away :alarm_clock:

It’s time to catch you up on current events:

Individual Sponsorship

Our 2024 fundraiser is open until March 27th - order your 2024 cozy hoodie or a classic tee to support LFNW now! Get it drop-shipped straight to your home so you can be decked out for LFNW2024 with no lines!

(NO) Registration!

We’ve made a couple changes to our Fest, as a result, there is no longer any need to pre-register and provide any PII (personally identifying information) - feel free to attend LFNW as publicly or anonymously as you like.

When you couple that with our always-free-to-attend event, there’s no reason to wait in line, no tickets to buy - just show up and enjoy the Fest.

We do recommend you download our app - available as a PWA at https://lfnw2024.sessionize.com/ . You can see the full schedule, how to connect with speakers, and keep up with the latest LFNW news.

If you have any special needs we can accommodate, please email us at info@lfnw.org and we’ll do everything we can to make you feel welcome.

New Sponsors

We’re excited to welcome SigLens onboard as a Bronze Sponsor - this is their first year at LFNW!

Open Source Observability that is :boom::boom: 100x :boom::boom: more efficient than Splunk!

We’re also excited to welcome The Calyx Institute as a Bronze Sponsor, again for the first time!

The Calyx Institute promotes and defends the privacy of internet users by making resources and tools available so everyone can remain safe, secure, and connected. We look forward to connecting with the LFNW community to share our enthusiasm of FOSS, explore project ideas, and promote job opportunities at Calyx!

And… We’re stoked to have the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation joining us a Community Sponsor.

Rocky Linux is pleased to be at LinuxFest Northwest 2024. As an open-source, enterprise-level operating system project, we cherish opportunities to support and engage with the Linux community. Come visit us at LinuxFest Northwest this year to meet our team and learn more about Rocky Linux!

That’s all for now - if you have questions feel free to reply here and ask!

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Is there information about exhibitors? Previously there was a calendar item for expo set up on Friday. No apparent mention now in events. Also no mention in the schedule. Is there an expo? If so, who is included?

Delighted to see “(NO) Registration!” Excellent.

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All of our Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors, as well as most of our Community sponsors, will be exhibiting. We will have an exhibit map available closer to the Fest.