LFNW2024: More sponsors 🎉

We’re so thankful for the communities and organizations that both financially support the Fest, and volunteer their time to benefit our audience. Please take a look at their web sites, or meet them in person at the Fest!

We’re excited to welcome SigLens onboard as a Bronze Sponsor - this is their first year at LFNW!

Open Source Observability that is :boom::boom:100x​:boom::boom: more efficient than Splunk!


We’re so happy to welcome back the Free Software Foundation as a community sponsor of LFNW2024!

The Free Software Foundation is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer-user freedom and to defend the rights of all software users.


We’re stoked to have the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation joining us our Saturday Party Sponsor :tada:

Rocky Linux is pleased to be at LinuxFest Northwest 2024. As an open-source, enterprise-level operating system project, we cherish opportunities to support and engage with the Linux community. Come visit us at LinuxFest Northwest this year to meet our team and learn more about Rocky Linux!


We’re thankful to have Gadfly AI onboard as a party sponsor for #LFNW2024 :tada:

GadflyAI is a bit of an internet “pop-up-shop” to capture technical innovation at the cutting edge, present that data in the most beautiful way possible, and then get that information out into the world: not just developers, but nation-state leaders, regulatory entities, meetups, and maybe even your local independent bookshop.

This is their first year at LinuxFest! https://www.gadfly.ai/

Join us in welcoming back the United States PostgreSQL Association as a Community Sponsor to #LFNW2024 !

The US PostgreSQL Association is a non-profit public charity whose purpose is to educate, promote and support the creation, development and use of the PostgreSQL Open Source Database software.


Welcome Blind Penguin to #LFNW2024 - they’re joining us as a party sponsor :tada: for their first time at LinuxFest Northwest!

We are a team experienced in delivering outstanding code that is affordable and efficient. We offer services in web and mobile development as well as IT management by utilizing free and open-source software. In the world of technology, we believe in the potential of this community to generate collective improvement which will help us bring our client’s vision to life as efficient easy-to-use software solutions.