Old conference sites

Hi all,

We’ve done some work this week archiving sites for old LFNW conferences. We have used a number of web applications to maintain the LFNW site over the years, and as we retire them, we’ve always tried to capture a static archive for posterity. As we are in the process of retiring OSEM, it was time to do the same for the 2018 - 2022 sites.

The archives aren’t perfect; we’ve had some bit-rot over the years. We’re actively working on fixing things up to get the archives back to their original experience. If you find something missing, feel free to note it in reply to this topic, and we’ll try to get it fixed up.

Here are the URLs for all the archived sites, if you’re interested in looking back.

2022: LinuxFest Northwest 22
2020: LinuxFest Northwest 2020
2019: LinuxFest Northwest 2019
2018: LinuxFest Northwest 2018
2017: 2017 | LinuxFest Northwest 2017
2016: 2016 | LinuxFest Northwest 2016
2015: 2015 | LinuxFest Northwest 2015

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