[Blug-list] help with Clear Linux

I would really like to join your group to get some help with Clear Linux. I am trying to compile some software using "make" or "makefile" but it isn't working. I am not a total Linux novice, but Clear Linux is hard, and no one on their community board will offer any help unless you are already an expert. Are you having an in-person meeting at BTC in August? I'd really like to bring my laptop and see if I can get his figured out.


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One of my first experiences with Linux was when no one answered my apparently easy question. Looking back, it was clear that my question demonstrated a skill level too low to understand the correct answer. Maybe there’s something similar for you? Have you seen How To Ask Questions The Smart Way?

What software are you trying to compile using “make” or “makefile”?

Can you paste the build error into a GitHub gist and reply with a link to it? Without knowing what the error is, it is impossible to say what happened.



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