Lunch options for lfnw

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve attended LFNW - really looking forward to it this weekend.

There used to be a lunch option provided by the culinary school. Do they still do that? (I didn’t see it on the schedule, but may be looking in the wrong place.)



Hi gabrielle, we’ve just publicized our food and socials schedule for the weekend here:

Our lunch options will be provided by food trucks at BTC rather than the onsite culinary school, as that isn’t an option for us this year.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Wonderful, thank you Michael!


Great thinking! Very awesome considering we don’t have all the facilities operating!

If coffee shop can’t be open next year, we may be able to get buckets of coffee or a catering company to bring a brewer and have drip coffee.

Adding coffee to the TODO list next year. Thanks for the feedback!

I’d help, There might be percolators or large service drip coffee services that can do coffee service, If there is a donation bin next to it, I’m guessing people would pay for it.
My dad was the “coffeeboy” for SPACE (Seattle Puget Sound Atari Computer Enthusiasts)>

If the coffee shop is open I’ll buy coffee from the school shop if they can be convinced to open.


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Adding coffee to the TODO list next year. Thanks for the feedback!

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