Fedora People of the PNW

I missed everyone for the last few years. Family and stuff. Looking forward to seeing the local Fedora and FOSS community in the Spring.

Fedora has gone through a whole lot of internal changes over the last few years. It’s still a great distribution with a huge global community.


Hey there @steelaworkn - I’d be happy to set up a dedicated community topic for Fedora here… just let me know & who to invite.

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:wave: fellow (part time) Fedora user here

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Thanks @bear454 . I know there’s a lot of Fedora users in the PNW who love LFNW. Welcome @taekicks .

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Long time Fedora user here… coming from Montana… and a member of the Fedora Respin SIG. I have an accepted talk (MiSTer FPGA Project - preserving retro computer, gaming console, and arcade hardware) and am looking forward to having an in-person conference again. Always love getting Fedora Swag! :slight_smile:

Historically Fedora has had a pretty good presence at LFNW and hope that will be the case for 2023 although it did get moved from late April to late Oct. I hope that doesn’t mess folks up too much.

Hey Scott. Starting in 2015, I helped with Jeff Sandys doing the booth. 2015, we did a Fedora does Music. In 2016 we did a gaming booth. And in 2017 we did a booth with security as the theme. In 2018 my daughter and I did a booth focusing on the Fedora’s digital art tools (available in most Linux Distributions). And 2019 we did a booth and I gave a talk on Communications through History. I also did a small event at Seattle Central College in the Fall of 2019.

I am trying to keep my calendar open in October. I will be coming from Northern Idaho this year. Still hoping Fedora is willing to sponsor the event again this year.

Hello! Just joined as I’ll be attending LinuxFest NW. Used to be based in Seattle but I now live in the Chicago area.

I’m a long time Fedora user and contributor, currently active in the Python, Rust and EPEL SIGs.

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Hello. Hope to see you there at LFNW. I’m working with Fedora to get a sponsored booth with swag.

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Happy to help out! I’m just attending, not presenting this year so I can do some booth duty

I presented in 2019…pretty much did a brain dump…poor people. I was going to present in 2020 again but it was online only and with the pandemic, my family needed my full attention. Looking forward to being there in person this year.

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