Demo Postmortem | Agility in the Homelab

To update you all on the turn of events during the November BLUG meet, I’m pleased to at least have found the culprit.

As it turns out, I was plagued by an abominable typo. It is true. While wondering what could have caused the failure to respond during the ansible run, it occurred to me to check my shell history, and sure enough, there it was. The very villain itself. The one and only network. Your eyes do not deceive you at all my friends, that is a .158. which should only ever have been a .168.

Apologies for the unplanned derailment. If the topic is still of any interest to you all, I would be pleased as punch to get another chance to share more with you at some later date. Either way, I will share links once the video for this process is published on youtube.

Thanks again and may the demo odds be ever in your favor!

*screenshot for posterity

BLUG meeting 11/4

I am finding this application far less intutive than I’d like. I’ve attempted to make a post which I think is what I am supposed to do but my attempts to do so did not succeed. What I was hoping to find out was if the presentations are being recorded and if so where can I find them?

The last presentation was not recorded.

Yeah… typos are the bane of live demos. I’m glad you found the issue. Would you mind posting links to the github project with your sources, and any URL where you’ll be blogging/vlogging your project?

Here are core docs for the project:

All of the relevant code comes from repos spread across the project.

Development is still ongoing. Latest updates include a rudimentary goals roadmap on the front page README, new bug fixes from myself and another contributor, and enhancements such as Fedora 35 and Arch Linux images now added to the available image catalog ready to run.

Here is the ContainerCraft Youtube Channel which I expect to begin uploading videos to in December.

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