Anyone have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B lying around?

Just curious if anyone has any rPi 4 model Bs lying around collecting dust they’d like to donate or sell at a reasonable price? I’m building a local music streaming network and am using these inside cases from Smarticase with the official rpi 7" LCDs to deploy in local music venues. I’ve got my only one (basically the prototype) out in the field now at The Blue Room and just received equipment to build 2 more. They’re running Raspbian and use a source client to relay live audio to my Icecast server cluster. It’s working really well so far and I’m excited to deploy the next 2! I just can’t stand to pay $150+ for one when my first one cost $40 :frowning:

Jordan Erickson
(P.S. First time poster, have lived in Bellingham for 1 year now but have been into Linux and F/OSS since 1998. Excited to hang out with some like-minded folks here, I miss being a part of a LUG!)