Anyone have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B lying around?

Just curious if anyone has any rPi 4 model Bs lying around collecting dust they’d like to donate or sell at a reasonable price? I’m building a local music streaming network and am using these inside cases from Smarticase with the official rpi 7" LCDs to deploy in local music venues. I’ve got my only one (basically the prototype) out in the field now at The Blue Room and just received equipment to build 2 more. They’re running Raspbian and use a source client to relay live audio to my Icecast server cluster. It’s working really well so far and I’m excited to deploy the next 2! I just can’t stand to pay $150+ for one when my first one cost $40 :frowning:

Jordan Erickson
(P.S. First time poster, have lived in Bellingham for 1 year now but have been into Linux and F/OSS since 1998. Excited to hang out with some like-minded folks here, I miss being a part of a LUG!)

Raspberry Pi 4B Hello did you find one or several. Glad to see you using Raspberry Pi 4B with Raspbian O/S Here are directions for installing FreeBSD 13.2 or 14.0 using bsdinstall and an ethernet cable. to an exernal USB SSD. This is an BSD alternative to Raspbian O/S. Use what works for you. OpenBSD or netbsd both support broadcom CY43455 wireless interface (WIFI). FreeBSD is not there yet in supporting wifi. Fred Finster
So how is the state of your music streaming project now?

Here is a link to my speaker engagement at LFNW 2023. I welcome your questions today, so that I might answer them in my presentation. Fred Finster

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Hi Fred, thanks for the info. I didn’t realize any of the BSDs worked on the pi, that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: I’ve got things worked out pretty solid in Raspbian so far. I’ve been a Debian sysadmin for decades so it feels like home. I was able to obtain a couple more 4B units on eBay for a fair price given the climate.

SubJam (my music streaming project, ) is starting to get exciting. I’ve been self-funding the iOS beta which will be ready really soon. I’ve been doing a lot of devops work on my own metal which is really fun. I’m trying to rally musicians and music fans around it so when it’s ready we can all start using it. Cheers!

RPI stock levels are recovering. Check rpilocator for current availability. I just snagged an 8GB RPI4B for $75 and it shipped same day.

For those of you who may want to play with a RPI but don’t have the cash to buy one at the current prices… I am running a contest to give one away this year during Computer Science Education Week in Dec. Simple to register and get your entry. A fun game to play to get more entry’s is a part of the give away. See this link to get your entry…

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Well, I would still like to meet up in Bellingham October 20-22. What does it take to rent a presentation room at one of those sponsored hotels listed and give several presentations over the Saturday & Sunday? I will call those hotel phone numbers and ask their rates. Probably over my head in price range. I am typing this information in on a Raspberry Pi 4B using Raspberry Pi O/S connected to 40" inch TV. I remember back in the day enjoying a 17" CRT monitor. This is comfort sitting in the easy chair recliner and still able to read the writing on the screen. Could probably play background music in another Firefox browser tab. https://WARPJAM.COM enjoying those Raspberry Pi boards and now the Raspberry Pi 5 is out for sale at the end of the month? WOW! Keep tabs on my port of GhostBSD to ARM64 at
Ciao, Fred Sweet RasPi dreams, too.

Jordan E. how is your music streaming networks growing? Like to hear more information and details. Fred