Upcoming event: Software Forum - 7/21 @ 6:30p

Join a virtual, informal, mostly self-organizing Software Forum (collaboration between TAGNW, Bellingham.Codes, BLUG, and LFNW ) with just enough structure and agreement to facilitate parallel small group discussion.

This is inspired by something folks have said they miss about conferences (and before/after live Talk nights, and LFNW BoaFs), as well as enjoying a microcosm of this effect during weekly TAGNW Discord Happy Hours:
The Hallway Tracks, the Kaffeeklatsches, the Birds of A Feather… call them what you want, the open times that are full of organic discussion with two themes in common: Curiosity and Collaboration

The event will be hosted on wonder.me (see Welcome To Wonder! - YouTube for platform overview)

During the event, there will be a couple ‘main’ areas with room for 50:
~Panel / Community group announcements
~Demo / Random (always open; try out / demo mini presentations- there’s probably a community group that would be the perfect audience for a longer polished presentation)

In addition, side ‘rooms’ will be open for topical suggestion:
Group by Language (6:30 - 7:15 | share techniques, resources etc.):
JS/TS | Python | Java | .NET/C# | iOS | C/C++ | Rust | Go | Databases
Group by Topic (7:30 - 8:00+ | talk about what you do with tech):
Education | Career | DevOps | Security | Embedded | Games | Web | Robotics
The ingredients are pretty simple:
Multiple Co-Hosts: moderation privileges to uphold community CoCs
Participants: some subset of {professionals, educators, students}
Panelists? - for broadcast sessions on industry cross-topics and focus topics like other community group announcements

6:15pm Co-Host familiarization (interested? contact organizers)
6:30 Opening, Co-Host broadcast and intro
6:35 Self-organize into group time (Language)
7:15 Panel Discussion (cross-topic, community news)
7:30-8:00+ Group time (Topical)
Folks are welcome to hang out later than 8.
Look forward to seeing you there!

[Event Link]