OT Systems Admin position in Anchorage..Heavy on networking experience

Greetings earthlings (and non-earthlings) Been a while since posting and whooping it up at LFNW…miss the community.

Working for a Natural Gas Company in Anchorage and we are looking for qualified individuals looking for challenging work for a great company. We are looking for an OT Systems Admin with strong networking background. Job located in Anchorage. If sounds of interest, ping me.

Thanks and have fun!

Todd Backman (formerly FiberCloud Bellingham and BLUGGER)

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Glad to have you here @TABSMAC . I’ve moved your post to the (newly created) jobs board.

Thanks dude! Muchly appreciated…

I’d love to move back to Alaska, I grew up there, but man working for a school with summers off…

If you are not interested in a challenging opportunity working for a great company in a majestic part of the country for great pay, I can under…uh, ok :wink: Yeah, having summers off would be cool. In our environment, that is our window of opportunity as winter is our “don’t F(ool) with it” season as we supply NG to the majority of the population of the Anchorage and surrounding locales. Flex work is a thing though. Have fun when you can!