Goodbye Mailman

Over the next week or so, LFNW will be migrating our mailing lists over to dedicated categories in our Discourse server.

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Thanks James, this is a welcome improvement to email threads! I didn’t send much on the mailing list, but it was cool to hear what folks were up to; now it’ll be easier to go back and review some of the great experience people have to offer.

Stay safe; you are awesome


This is a disappointing development.

What is the simplest route for someone to arrange for delivery via e-mail various LFNW updates that would previously have been sent via the mailing list? On what header values can one reliably identify such mail for filtering?

In general, I would subscribing to the blog’s RSS feed, through any delivery mechanism of your choice. Since early 2020, blog posts have been published first, then mirrored to this forum & the fest list. Directly subscribing will get you the shortest route to the same updates.

Phil, does this help? How do I use Discourse via email? - FAQs - Mozilla Discourse